About Us

Hondo Texas sign

About Hondo:

Hondo is a growing, rural town just 40 miles outside of San Antonio, Texas.

The City of Hondo is well known for its' iconic sign that states, "This is God's Country please don't through it like hell". This trademark has been used by the City for over 80 years to preserve the city's natural beauty and culture of offering its many tourism, convention, and public relations campaigns.

Our mission is to assure a sense of community, safety and neighborhood integrity by providing needed municipal services, fiscal responsibility, and a progressive, quality atmosphere in which to work and play with an emphasis on balanced, equitable growth. In addition, the City shall promote a belief in open and accessible government for all citizen. Outside of these services, the City of Hondo has to offer many other recreational services such as:

  • Hondo Public Library
  • Rick Taylor Recreation Center
  • Hondo Golf Course
  • Hondo Museum

We would love for you to be a part of God's country, so do not hesitate to contact us at 830-426-3378 or inquiries@hondo-tx.org today to learn more about what the City of Hondo can offer you.

And Remember.......

This Is God's Country Please Don't Drive Through It like Hell.