Criminal Investigation Division (CID)
The CID unit consists of a Detective Sergeant and two Investigators. The CID division handles all felony cases while preparing the case files to be presented to the Prosecutor. The CID Division is also a visible uniformed presence and often assists the Patrol Officers on an as needed basis. The CID Division presents all felony cases to the Grand Jury, obtains arrest warrants, obtains and executes search warrants, collects evidence, and processes the crime scene. 

K-9 Division
The K-9 Division consists of two canines. The Hondo Police Department utilizes these canines for the detection of narcotics. When the canine's are not working, they are out training. 

Records Division
The Records Division is maintained by two office clerks. Primary duties are data entry and the filing of all incoming police reports that are produced daily. Other responsibilities include responding to open records requests, maintaining accident reports, preparing and ensuring the delivery of case files to the County and District Attorney, Municipal and Juvenile Courts and monthly Uniformed Crime Reporting (UCR)