City Council Agenda and Minutes

Click here for the City of Hondo's Mayoral Declarations as of May 22, 2020

The City of Hondo City Council meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m.. in the Council Chamber located at 1600 Avenue M., Hondo Texas 78861.

Please Note:  All City Council meetings are on the Calendar of Events home page of the city website.

Agendas for the city council meetings are posted on the city website and at City Hall on Friday prior to each meeting week or 72 hours before.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in-person access to the City Council Chamber will be restricted to city council members and city staff. The public may access the meeting remotely through telephone or video conference.  The audio of the meeting is available by calling toll free: 1-877-309-2073 Access Code: 723-517-869. Access of the meeting is available through video conference from your computer, tablet or smart phone at: Meeting ID No. 723-517-869. Please use teleconferencing etiquette during the meeting.

 Persons may submit questions or comments for items on the agenda by email to:  Questions or comments submitted by email must be received by the city at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled start of the meeting in order to be presented to the City Council during the meeting.

 Click here to view Governor Greg Abbott's Executive Order dated March 31, 2020.      

TxCDBG Public Hearing July 1, 2020:

The City of Hondo will hold a public hearing at  5:05 p.m. on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at the Hondo City Hall located at 1600 Avenue M, Hondo, Texas 78861 regarding the submission of an application to the Texas Department of Agriculture for a Texas Community Development Block Grant Program (TxCDBG) grant. The purpose of this meeting is to allow citizens an opportunity to discuss the citizen participation plan, the development of local housing and community development needs, the amount of TxCDBG funding available, all eligible TxCDBG activities, and the use of past TxCDBG funds.  The City encourages citizens to participate in the development of this TxCDBG application and to make their views known at this public hearing.  Citizens unable to attend this meeting may submit their views and proposals to Kim Davis, City Manager, at the Hondo City Hall.  Persons with disabilities that wish to attend this meeting should contact City Hall to arrange for assistance.  Individuals who require auxiliary aids or services for this meeting should contact the city at least two days before the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Para más información en español, comuníquese con Miguel Cantu al 830-426-3370.  

  DATE (Click on date for Audio) AGENDA / PACKET MINUTES
  June 29, 2020 Special Meeting  
  June 22, 2020 Regular Meeting (packet)  
  June 8, 2020 Regular Meeting (packet)  Approved
  May 25, 2020 Notice of Cancellation  Cancelled
  May 11, 2020 Regular Meeting (packet)  Approved
  May 1, 2020 Emerg Called Special Meeting (packet)  Approved
  April 27, 2020 Regular Meeting (packet)  Approved
  April 21, 2020 Emerg Called Special Meeting (packet)   Approved
  April 16, 2020 Emerg Called Special Meeting (packet) Approved
  April 16, 2020 Special Meeting Called (packet)  Approved
  April 13, 2020 Regular Meeting (packet)   Approved 
  April 1, 2020 Emerg Called Special Meeting  Approved
  March 27, 2020 Emerg Called Special Meeting  Approved
  March 23, 2020 Notice of Cancellation  Cancelled
  March 19, 2020 Emerg Called Special Meeting   Approved
  March 9, 2020 Regular Meeting  Approved
  February 24, 2020 Regular Meeting  Approved
  February 10, 2020 Regular Meeting  Approved
  January 27, 2020 Regular Meeting  Approved
  January 15, 2020 Regular Meeting  Approved
  December 23, 2019 Notice of Cancellation  ---------------
  December 9, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  November 25, 2019 Regular Meeting   Approved
  November 13, 2019 Leadership Workshop  ---------------
  November 11, 2019 Notice of Cancellation  ---------------
  October 28, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  October 28, 2019 Corporation Meeting  Approved
  October 14, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  September 23, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  September 18, 2019 Joint Workshop  Approved
  September 9, 2019 Regular Meeting   Approved
  August 26, 2019 Regular Meeting   Approved
  August 19, 2019 Special Meeting  Approved
  August 12, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  August 12, 2019 Budget Workshop  Approved
  July 31, 2019 Special Meeting  Approved
  July 30, 2019 Special Meeting  Approved
  July 22, 2019 Regular Meeting
  July 8, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  June 24, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  June 10, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  May 27, 2019 Regular Meeting
  May 15, 2019 Special Meeting   Approved
  May 13, 2019 Regular Meeting
  April 22, 2019 Regular Meeting   Approved
  April 8, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  March 25, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  March 11, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  March 5, 2019 Special Meeting  Approved
  February 25, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  February 11, 2019 Regular Meeting
  January 28, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  January 22, 2019 Notice of Potential Quorum  ---------------
  January 14, 2019 Regular Meeting  Approved
  December 10, 2018 Regular Meeting
  December 8, 2018 Notice of Potential Quorum ----------------
  December 7, 2018 Notice of Potential Quorum ----------------
  November 26, 2018 Regular Meeting  Approved
  November 19, 2018 Special Meeting  Approved
  November 14, 2018 Special Meeting  Approved
  November 12, 2018 Notice of Cancellation ---------------
  November 8, 2018 Notice of Potential Quorum ----------------
  October 26-28, 2018 Notice of Potential Quorum ----------------
  October 22, 2018 Regular Meeting  Approved 
  October 9-12, 2018 Notice of Potential Quorum ----------------
  October 8, 2018 Regular Meeting  Approved 
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