City Charter / Code of Ordinances

On May 12, 2007 the citizens of Hondo voted and the Home Rule Charter was passed. The City of Hondo held a Special Election on November 3, 2015 to amend the Home Rule Charter and 25 Propositions were passed by the citizens of Hondo.

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Archived:  Code Ordinances

Updates to the City of Hondo Code of Ordinances are performed bi-annually.
Codification has been completed up to February 2019.

Ordinance No. Description
1220-03-20  Documentation needed for candidate
1219-03-20  Speed Humps
1218-03-20  Street Renaming and Facility Naming
1217-02-20  Budget Amendments
1216-01-20  Guidelines and Procedures for Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones
1215-01-20  Amending UDC Chapter 3
1214-01-20  PID- Public Improvement District
1213-12-19  Granting Tax Abatements
1212-11-19  UDC- Vacating and Abandonement of Streets
1211-10-19  Goodwill Education 2019
1210-09-19  Fee Schedule
1209-09-19  Adopted Tax Rate
1208-09-19  Budget Adopted
1207-09-19  Water/Wastewater Rate Increase
1206-08-19  Budget Amendments
1205-07-19  Carports
1204-07-19  Abandoned Alley
1203-07-19 Skeet Shooting
1202-07-19  Fee for residential building
1201-06-19 Abandoned Alley  between Avenue M and N
1200-06-19 Rezone Electric Yard
1199-05-19  Budget Amendments
1198-04-19 Codification
1197-04-19 Utility Payments
1196-04-19 Curfew Ordinance
1195-03-19 Zoning Map
1194-03-19 Aviation Credit Accounts
1193-03-19 Budget Amendment March 2019
1192-03-19 Budget Amendment March 2019
1191-02-19 Budget Amendments February 2019
1190-02-19 Animal Fowl
1189-02-19 Franchise ACI to BFI
1188-01-19 UDC Amendments
1187-10-18  Annexing 52 Acres (Mumme)
1187-09-18 School Crossing Zones
1186-09-18 Amend. Comprehensive Fee Schedule
1185-09-18 Adopting the Annual Tax Rate FY2018-2019
1184-09-18 Adopting the Annual Budget FY2018-2019
1183-08-18 Utility Deposit Refund
1182-08-18 Amend. Solid Waste to add Recycling
1181-08-18 Budget Amend. FY 2017-2018 - Golf Water Usage, USDA Police Vehicle
1180-07-18 Brush Collection
1179-06-18 Budget Amend. FY 2017-2018 - Emerg. Repairs
1178-06-18 Amending School Zones
1177-06-18 Amending Speed Limits
1176-05-18 Establishing Speed Limits
1175-05-18 Establishing School Zones
1174-05-18 Amend Water Conservation Plan
1173-05-18 Amend UDC Minor Plat
1172-05-18 Amend UDC Residential 2 District
1171-05-18 Amend. Use Table - Day Care/Schools
1170-05-18 Amend. UDC Central Bus District Signs
1169-05-18 Amend. City Investment Policy
1168-04-18 Adopting Updated CoH Zoning Map
1167-04-18 CenterPoint Energy Settlement Agreement
1166-04-18 Repealing Chpt 10 and 14 of Code of Ordinances
1165-04-18 Amend. Chpt 25.1904 - Planning and Zoning Commission
1164-04-18 Amend. Chpt 25.1900 - Board of Adjustment
1163-04-18 Yield Signs
1162-04-18 Four-Way Signs
1161-04-18 Stop Signs
1160-02-18 Fees for Film Projects on City Property
1159-02-18 Budget Amend. FY 2017-2018
1158-02-18 Amend Chpt 13 Utilities, Ext. of Water, Sewer, Electric to outside City Limit
1157-02-18 ZC from Commercial to R3 - 0.139 acre
1156-02-18 Amend. Chpt 1, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
1155-02-18 Amend. Chpt 1, Library Advisory Board
1154-02-18 Amend. Chpt 1, Golf Advisory Committee
1153-02-18 Amend. Chpt 1, Cemetery Advisory Committee
1152-02-18 Amend. Chpt 2, Animal Advisory Board
1151-02-18 Amend. Chpt 1, Airport Advisory Board
1150-02-18 Amend. Chpt 4, Peddlers, Canvassers, Vendors to add Mobile Food Courts
1149-01-18 Amending Fee Schedule for FY2017-2018
1148-01-18 Adoption of Unified Development Code