Water Division

The purpose of the Water Division is to provide safe and interrupted potable water to the citizens of the City of Hondo.  All of the staff are hard-working with a proud attitude and are dedicated to providing the best service to all customers. Efforts are to continue to maintain and operate one of the most important resources to the City by ensuring the health & safety of water.  It is important to stay mindful of Hondo's potential growth and plan accordingly to meet the ever-changing needs of the City.

During any emergency situation, we ask that you continue to be patient and cooperate with the Water Division.  All of the Water Division staff hold a water license by the State of Texas and are capable of handling situations presented to them. 

The Hondo Water Division has been recognized by the State of Texas as a Superior Water System.

William "Buddy" Stewart

Water Superintendent
T.(830) 741-5077