Brush Route and Schedule


Brush pickup is provided to all City residential customers who receive water or electrical services from the City of Hondo. If you receive one or both services, then you are eligible for our brush pickup services.

How Often Should I Expect Pickup?

This service is provided once per month per utility customer. To have your brush picked up, you will call in to our dispatch center one week in advance of your scheduled week and give staff required information to submit request.

When Is My Scheduled Pickup Week?

Section A – is dedicated to the residents north of US 90 and will be serviced the 1st week of each month.

Section B – is dedicated to the residents south of US 90 and will be serviced the 2nd week of each month.

Brush Map

How Much Brush Can I Put Out?

  • Must be manageable, approximately eight (8) cubic yards or less. You may exceed this amount in a single pickup, but only if the additional fee(s) are paid in advance.
  • Brush must be cut into lengths not to exceed 4 feet long and 9 inches in diameter.








Where Can I Put My Brush?

  • Brush must be placed outside of the fence surrounding the property, next to the street, behind the curb or in an alley that services the property.
  • Do not place brush:
    • In front of parked cars
    • On top of meters, manholes, drainage channels
    • Along fences or mailboxes
    • Directly underneath powerlines or any location that may cause damage to private property or public infrastructure.
    • Brush must not block car or pedestrian traffic or block public access when placed in alley.

(No street placement allowed)

I Hired A Contractor, Will The City Pickup My Brush?

No, all brush resulting from a contractor hired for tree trimming, pruning, or lawn work must be removed by the contractor, owner, occupant, tenant, or lessee of the premises within 48 hours of completion.

When Can I Put Out My Brush?

Brush can be put out for pickup, no more than 7 days before your scheduled pickup week.

How Do I Submit A Work Order?

Contact our Dispatch Center at 830-741-5077; Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Ask to submit a work order for brush removal and staff will ask for required information to fulfill request.