Collection Station

Station Attendant: James Rio
Collection Station phone number: (830) 426-3166

Collection Station Permit 

Collection Station Hours of Operation.

The facility is open on Thursdays and Fridays, from 12:00 pm to 6:30 pm.  Saturdays from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm (hours are subject to change.)


The purpose of these guidelines is to maintain a clean facility, ensure that access is limited to Hondo citizens, and ensure compliance with T.C.E.Q. regulations Title 30 Section §330.8, and Section §330.24 pertaining to the operation of a community collection center.

GUIDELINES  (Revised January 8, 2014)
I. Permit Requirements

A. A permit application is required and must be submitted by an adult head of the household or owner of the local business intending to use the facility.

B. One permit will be issued per household/business and will be limited to 4 persons per household/business.

C. Each applicant must provide; proof of residency (utility bill), a state issued picture I.D., and as many as 3 names of additional family members, or employees who will be permitted to use the facility. All persons named as users must reside at address shown on permit applications. I.D.s will be checked at the gate.

D. A permit fee of $30.00 is required. Each permit is good for a period of one year from the date issued.

E. Each applicant will be provided with a written set of guidelines and will be required to sign an acknowledgement form.

II. Access

All persons entering the City of Hondo Citizens’ Collection Station are subject to following these guidelines, as well as all local ordinances and state and federal laws.

A. When accessing the facility, the attendant must be presented with an approved permit and a picture I.D.

 B. No hazardous materials, tires, commercial waste, or kitchen waste will be accepted.(See list of prohibited materials below.)

C. The facility will not accept materials from construction or demolition projects.

D. Any material classified as lumber, siding, sheetrock, old doors/windows, roofing material, etc. shall be brought by the homeowner and shall not exceed 4 cubic yards. One load of this type from a homeowner will be permitted per year. Amounts greater than this are considered construction/demolition debris rather than minor home remodeling projects.

E. A load limit of one pick-up load and one 16’ utility trailer will be enforced. (No commercial vehicles.)

F. A limit of one visit per week will be enforced.

G. The facility will be open on Thursdays and Fridays, from 12:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M., and on Saturdays from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. (Operating hours are subject to change.)

H. When accessing the center, in order to maintain one-way traffic flow, vehicles must enter from Disoway Street and exit onto Harper Street.

I. Each visitor is responsible for their load. All materials must be properly disposed of into the appropriate containers. Assistance is available from the attendant.

Prohibited Materials

The City of Hondo Citizens’ Collection Station will not accept the following materials. Any citizen with a valid permit that violates the Collection Station Guidelines will be subject to the following disciplinary action:

(1)   A verbal warning will be issued by attendant which indicates the nature of the violation.

(2)   A second violation will result in a suspension of permit for 1 full year with no refund of permit fee.

Hazardous materials – Including but not limited to; chemicals, paints, paint thinners, aerosol cans, fuels, freon, batteries, pesticides, asbestos, lead, oil, herbicides, medical waste.

  • Loads emitting suspicious or offensive odors.
  • Tires.
  • Kitchen waste of any kind. No discarded food waste, grease, cooking oil, animal parts, etc.
  • Yard waste. No brush, limbs, grass clipping, etc. Brush and limbs will continue to be picked up by the city, per the city’s Brush Pickup Schedule. Bagged grass clippings and leaves will continue to be pickup by the city’s solid waste contractor.
  • Commercial waste. Daily business/commercial waste will not be accepted.
  • Construction/demolition waste. No materials resulting from a construction or demolition project will be accepted. (See section II – D above.)
  • Any materials prohibited by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for a community transfer center.
  • Materials transported from areas outside of The City of Hondo. This facility is provided by The City of Hondo, for Hondo residents only. Materials generated and transported from areas other than The City of Hondo is strictly prohibited.
  • Illegal Dumping Laws will be strictly enforced. Persons attempting to intentionally dispose of prohibited materials, or disposing of materials on or near facility grounds while the facility is closed will be prosecuted per City of Hondo Ordinance 11.102.
  • All discarded appliances containing freon or other fluids are prohibited.
  • Appliances must be properly drained and must be tagged by a certified technician.