The City of Hondo's population 9,305 is a diverse community, with an estimated 51% female (adjusted to remove incarcerated population) and 59.5% Hispanic/Latino citizens versus 39.1% for Texas and 17.3% for the U.S. An estimated 35.9% of Hondo residents speak Spanish at home.

The race of Hondo's citizens is also diverse, with an estimated 82.5% being classified as White, 7.6% as Black or African American, 1.8% Asian, 0.7% American Indian/Alaska Native, 5.7% as some other race, and 1.7% as two or more races.


Relative to the Texas and the nation, the age distribution of the Hondo population is a relative strength for the City. Hondo boasts a strong concentration of 18-34 olds, typically viewed as those in their prime working years. 32.7% of Hondo's citizens fall within this category, significantly larger than the 24.2% for Texas and 23.0% for the U.S. This is a critical asset for the City as other areas throughout the U.S. face shortages in these middle age ranges as the population ages and baby boomers move into retirement. Another indicator, median age of the population, further illustrates this strength. Median age of the Hondo population is estimated to be 31.3 in 2013. Comparatively, the median age for Texas is estimated to be 34.1, while median age for the U.S. is estimated at 37.5.


Among Hondo's population Age 25 or more, 15.5% have attained a Bachelor's degree or higher level, 6.6% have attained an Associate's degree, and 23.6% have attended a college or university, but have not completed a degree program. These attainment levels skew lower than Texas and the nation, but the experience rich workforce in Hondo remains a strong economic development asset for the community with its diversity and depth of work experience.

Estimated average income for Hondo: $48,204

Medina County:

Medina County Population is approximately 50,606, with 52% of the population Hispanic or Latino of any race and white alone no Hispanic or Latino 43.8%.

The racial makeup of the county is 94% White, 2.20% Black or African American, 0.68% Native American, and 0.05% Asian.


17 and younger: 23.4%, 18 and older: 58.5%, 65 and older: 16.3%, 85 and older 1.8%

Cities in Medina County:

Castroville, Devine, Hondo, Lacoste, Natalia and Lytle;

Medina County Size in square Miles:

Land -1,325.40, water - 9.2 with a total of 1,334.50


82.5% High School graduate and higher; 19.4% Bachelor's degree or higher.

County Estimated Average Annual Income: $59,309