Electric Division

The City of Hondo Electric Utility is a municipally owned and operated retail electric distribution system. The City of Hondo purchases wholesale power from the City Public Service of San Antonio. The City of Hondo is proud of the low electric rates and excellent reliability record. The Electric Utility serves over 3,500 customers in Hondo, including residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial customers.

Street Lights and Customer Lighting

The Street Light and Customer Lighting Programs benefit the Hondo Citizens by providing a safer, well-lit environment that reduces the chance of theft and vandalism. Street Lights within the Downtown service area are installed and maintained by the City. These lights operate on a photocell and should be on all hours of darkness. If you notice a light out or a light burning during the daylight hours please contact our Electric Services Department at 830-741-5077.

Underground Utility Line Location

Customers must call the Lonestar 811 or 1-800-DIG-TEST (800-344-8378 at least two working days prior to beginning excavation. The hotline operator will notify local utilities of the dig location, and utility representatives will mark underground utilities with paint or flags. Private property utility lines will not be located by the representative. Please allow two days for a response. To confirm ticket was received you may contact Public Works Office at 830-741-5077.


Electrical Safety Outdoor Tips

  • Stay out of substations.
    • If a ball or toy gets into a substation, children should tell an adult to call the power company. Never try to retrieve toys yourself.
  • Keep away!
    • If you see a fallen line, stay far away. The line can be dangerous, even if it's not sparkling. Notify the City of Hondo Electric Division and 911 immediately.
  • Stay clear of high-voltage towers.
    • Never touch or climb on these towers. Overhead wires and other tower equipment carry very high voltage electricity that is dangerous to contact.
  • Don't dig near them or pry open.
    • Transformers are locked inside sturdy metal cabinets for safety. If you find one unlocked, keep away and call the City of Hondo Electric Division company immediately.
  • Caught in lightning storm.
    • Avoid trees and bodies of water. Get into enclosed vehicle or house. If you are caught in the open, squat with feet together, tuck you head, and cover your ears.
  • Work and play safely around trees.
    • Contact your electric utility before trimming trees near overhead power lines. Don't let kids climb trees near power lines.
  • Fly them away from power lines.
    • Kites or balloons that contact power lines can cause shock or fire, so keep them away from power lines.
  • Keep your distance!
    • When carrying and using ladders and other long tools, keep them away from all overhead lines.