Wastewater Division

The purpose of the Wastewater Division is to accept wastewater and return the water safely back into the environment. The division does this by maintaining the collection system which transports wastewater to the treatment plant. Once the wastewater reaches the treatment plant, the water passes through machinery to separate sanitary matter from the water. Then the wastewater goes through a biological process to eliminate other organisms from the wastewater. After the biological process the water passes through a U/V system to disinfect the treated wastewater and returned to the environment. This process is carefully monitored by city staff to assure the public continues to enjoy a safe and healthy environment

The Wastewater Division is restricted to the public.

If you believe you are having trouble or notice any concerns please contact City Hall at 830-426-3378. The Wastewater Division seeks to deliver to its customers with the best service and provide an safe and healthy environment.

All personnel in the Wastewater Division are required to hold an Operator's License to work the Collection System to ensure water is safely returned to the environment.